Live Cycling Manager 2021 is the ultimate cycling manager game.
Select or create the club of your dreams and manage each and every aspect! Become the Sports Manager of a professional team and compete against another 40 teams until you reach the top.
Control all aspects of your club: from training sessions, transfers, staff, registration in races, racer selection and race strategies, to finances and designing your kit.
Hire the best cyclists, trainers, mechanics... Control the finances and manage the club of your dreams. Overcome all the setbacks that come your way throughout the season.
Prepare for grand tours with exclusive training sessions, pre-race training camps, sports equipment and much more.
Immerse yourself in the experience of participating in races in real time, give orders to your cyclists and compete in races in a 3D environment. Compete entire seasons with another 40 existing teams in the game, and go up a level at the end of the season.


Developer: Xagu Studios.

Release date: June 30, 2021

Offcial website:


Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Platforms: Android and iOS



Live Cycling Manager 2021, a game where each player creates a club and manages it completely: registration in races, cyclists, strategies, training, transfers and much more. The player becomes the Manager of a professional cycling team.


Each player creates a new club and personalizes it to their liking. Hire any cyclists, coaches, mechanics ... you want. Control finances and manage the club of your dreams. Each club will have to overcome the adversities that will arise during the season.


Players will prepare the major titles with exclusive trainings, concentrations, sports equipment and much more.


Players will live the experience of participating in 3d races on real time, give orders to their cyclists and visualize the results. They will compete entire seasons with another sports directors and will promote at the end of the season.


This is the game for those who like cycling and sports management games. You will experience the excitement of a cycling race and the sports management of your club. The ultimate goal will be to take the club to the top of the world podium.

Train, manage and compete!


Train, manage and compete!




Live Cycling Manager 2021 is being developed by Xagu Studios, an independent game studio created in 2015, as a Starp-up of the ZITU company. We are a group of people creating and carrying out a dream. This dream has been thought, planned and designed for years in our heads, the dream that in 2015 began to take shape with the creation of Xagu and that has culminated this 2019, with the development of the second edition of Live Cycling Manager.

Live Cycling Manager has had great impact in markets with over 80000 users. This sequel has many design and gameplay improvements. So much so, that you can play the full race in a 3D scenario. Let's play!



- Play against other players in exciting races in real time with 3D scenarios.

- Three different categories, WC, CC and HC, for real races. With every type of Tour, Giro, Vuelta and Volta, and one-day races with over 240 stages, with the best races in France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Japan, California, Roubaix, Lieges.

- Order the best strategies for each moment of the race.

- Compete in flat races, hill climb trials, time trials, pavés, mountain, half-mountain, miscellaneous and timed by teams.

- Train your cyclists or send them to training camps all over the world to improve their attributes.

- Transfer the cyclists you don't need and hire new stars.

-  Control physical condition, as well as form and accumulated fatigue throughout the season so that the cyclists are at their best moment for the best races.

- Hire your club staff, such as coaches, mechanics, etc.

- Like a good manager, seek out and negotiate with the best sponsors for your club.

- Classification table. Smash world records!

- Manage everything, up to the slightest detail, of a professional cyclist club.

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About Developer

Xagu Studios is a young studio setted up in 2015;  with the purpose of entertaining and educating at the same time, we started our journey creating some educational games for mobile platforms. Now we have decided to go one step further and develop a more personal project in which we thought even before founding the studio. From this idea Live Cycling Manager was born.



Mention the indispensable work of technological advice as well as support in the development of LCM of ZITU (computer consultancy specializing in customized development).


Markel Irizar’s (professional cyclist) technical advice has provide to LCM with details that have turned it into a game with incredible realism


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